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Năm 2020

Năm 2019

  1. Andrew Scott rejects ‘openly gay’ label
  2. Andrew Scott on Fleabag and the importance of playing a sex symbol
  3. Talking to Andrew Scott, the Hot Priest on Fleabag
  4. Andrew Scott on being Fleabag’s new crush: ‘This is uncharted territory’
  5. Fleabag’s Andrew Scott Doesn’t Mind Being Called a ‘Hot Priest’
  6. ‘Fleabag’ Season 2 May Not Have Happened If Andrew Scott Turned Down the Priest Role
  7. Kneel Before the Hot Priest: ‘Fleabag’ Star Andrew Scott on Love and Rage
  8. Andrew Scott jokes about messing up 1917’s long takes
  9. Andrew Scott: I took childhood drama classes to combat shyness
  10. Andrew Scott: ‘I’m Fleabag and she’s the priest? I’d still have sex with Father Fleabag’
  11. Andrew Scott: ‘Try not to be afraid of who you are’
  12. Fleabag’s Andrew Scott On Why LGBTQ+ Actors Shouldn’t Be Typecast, And Chemistry With Phoebe Waller-Bridge
  13. Fleabag’s Hot Priest Andrew Scott on chocolate, sex and his new US thriller
  14. Fleabag’s Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Creating TV’s Most Smoldering Will-They-Won’t-They

Năm 2018

  1. ‘This might be the last time’ – ‘Sherlock’ star Andrew Scott on bringing back ‘Sea Wall’
  2. Andrew Scott stars in Irish tale of lust and betrayal
  3. Andrew Scott: ‘There was no Hamlet rivalry with Benedict Cumberbatch’
  4. In Sea Wall, Andrew Scott goes from being a great actor to being one of the greats
  5. Blog: If Andrew Scott is in it, you need to see it
  6. Andrew Scott talks about the “top secret” roles he’s got coming up
  7. Sherlock’s Andrew Scott calls for better sex education in schools: ‘We need to talk about consent and desire’
  8. Sherlock’s Andrew Scott calls for better sex education in schools: ‘We need to talk about consent and desire’

Năm 2017

  1. Andrew Scott on Hamlet, Ireland’s transformation, and exploring his inner darkness
  2. Actors can’t play Hamlet as simply mad in world of mental health awareness, actor says
  3. Andrew Scott shines in spectacular new staging of Hamlet
  4. Andrew Scott as Hamlet at the Almeida
  5. Andrew Scott on the rugby-school comedy ‘Handsome Devil’
  6. The rugby buddy movie that tackles homophobia with a laugh
  7. Andrew Scott: ‘I realised I could speak in my own voice as Hamlet’
  8. Moriarty’s first moves: Andrew Scott’s stage roles
  9. MagicCon 2017 – Sherlock’s Andrew Scott Talks About Moriarty, Hamlet And What’s Up Next!
  10. Hamlet Talkback
  11. Q&A with the cast of the Almeida Theatre’s Hamlet
  12. Andrew Scott: Fans asked me every day whether Moriarty would return to Sherlock
  13. Fandor Interview: Andrew Scott
  14. Andrew Scott on Hamlet, Sherlock and making Shakespeare fresh for younger audiences
  15. Peter meets, Andrew Scott.
  16. “Moriarty is dead”

Năm 2016

  1. Andrew Scott makes theatre more dangerous
  2. One From the Archives: Andrew Scott Interview
  3. Summer: Earths Seasonal Secrets

Năm 2015

  1. SHERLOCKED: Andrew Scott Panel Transcript
  2. SHERLOCKED: Mark Gatiss and Andrew Scott Panel Transcript
  3. Andrew Scott on his role in Spectre and his favourite outfits at London Collections: Men
  4. Andrew Scott talks Bond, Sherlock and why he feels so strongly about gay marriage
  5. Andrew Scott: ‘Being in a James Bond film is just really cool, right?’
  6. Andrew Scott: ‘Sherlock fans aren’t freaky… they are just enthusiastic, which is cool’
  7. Andrew Scott talks SPECTRE, Moriarty and the mystery of Denbigh
  8. Andrew Scott breaks away from being the baddie to play one of the hoarder Collyer brothers in ‘The Dazzle’
  9. A thrillingly intimate 30 minutes with Andrew Scott

Năm 2014

  1. Interview: Andrew Scott and Ben Schnetzer
  2. Andrew Scott accept Attitude’s Style & Culture Award
  3. Life after Moriarty: Andrew Scott interview
  4. Andrew Scott on his role in ‘Pride’ and the perks of being Moriarty
  5. Q&A: Andrew Scott Gets Candid About ‘Unnecessary’ Gay Questions, (Almost) Kissing Benedict Cumberbatch
  6. Andrew Scott interviewed in Attitude Magazine
  7. Andrew Scott interview: Pride, Sherlock, Statham

Năm 2013

  1. ‘Sherlock has changed my whole career’: Andrew Scott interview
  2. Sherlock: Jim Moriarty – redefining the original supervillain
  3. Andrew Scott, “Sherlock Holmes” Moriarty, Is “A Gay Person”
  4. International Star You Should Know: Andrew Scott
  5. “Sherlock” Star Andrew Scott Opens Up About His Sexuality

Năm 2012

  1. Andrew Scott: A pin-up who is hard to pin down
  2. The Story Behind Sea Wall
  3. Andrew Scott: I think we all knew Sherlock was going to be really special
  4. Andrew Scott interview: Sherlock, Moriarty, and The Reichenbach Fall
  5. Andrew Scott: I’ve always had the ability to scare people
  6. Interview with Andrew Scott
  7. Andrew Scott: I don’t just want to play pale versions of Moriarty
  8. An Ex-Pat Comes to Grips with Andrew Scott’s The Town
  9. Benedict Cumberbatch: “Sherlock is nothing without Moriarty – I’m a bit obsessed with Andrew Scott”
  10. Andrew Scott’ s Radio Times Interview
  11. The Town: Interviews
  12. Great Scott: Sherlock Holmes’s arch nemesis refuses to be typecast

Năm 2011

  1. Andrew Scott
  2. Fault magazine meet Andrew Scott
  3. Andrew Scott (‘Sherlock’: Series 2) Interview
  4. Andrew Scott (‘Sherlock’) interview
  5. ‘Sherlock’ Andrew Scott interview: ‘Moriarty is unpredictable’
  6. Interview with Andrew and Simon

Trước 2010

  1. Andrew Scott Interview
  2. Sea Wall Review
  3. Sherlock actor Andrew Scott: Tenderness is more interesting than blatant sexuality
  4. Andrew Scott Tells ‘Little White Lie’